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Reset Windows Password

Tutorial written by KenB

In this article I am going to show how to create a Password Reset Disk for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. If you are using a login password to access your computer how disastrous would it be if you forgot it ?
No access to your files, folders or data.

The simple “solution” to this is to be prepared for the unlikely event.
Do this now – and don’t wait until you get locked out.

It is possible to create a Password Reset Disk by doing the following:

[size=15][color=blue]Start …. Control Panel …. User Accounts[/color][/size]

Top right of the panel you will see [b][color=blue]”Create a Password Reset Disk[/color][/b]”
Click on this.

You will be prompted to insert a USB Flash Drive ( Memory Stick )

[b][color=red]You need to be aware that if anybody gets hold of your memory stick they will be able to reset the password too.[/color][/b]

Password Reset Windows 7

There are no decisions to make – simply click “[size=15][color=blue]Next[/color][/size]”

Password Reset Windows 7 - 2

You will need to type in your present password.

If you change this at a later date it doesn’t matter – you will still be able to use this [b][color=blue]Reset “Disk”[/color][/b]

Forgotten Password Wizard


Now just click on “[b][color=blue]Next[/color][/b]” again and the[b][color=blue] Password Reset Disk [/color][/b]will be created.

Create Password Reset Disk


Completing the Forgotten Password Wizard

Don’t forget to [b][color=blue]label the Memory Stick [/color][/b]and keep it in a safe place – and hope you never need it. 🙂 In the future we will be covering more articles about Creating a Password Reset Disk for Windows 8.

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