How to Create a Password Reset Disk ( Win 7 / Vista )


Tutorial written by KenB

In this article I am going to show how to create a Password Reset Disk for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. If you are using a login password to access your computer how disastrous would it be if you forgot it ?
No access to your files, folders or data.

The simple “solution” to this is to be prepared for the unlikely event.
Do this now – and don’t wait until you get locked out.

It is possible to create a Password Reset Disk by doing the following:

Start …. Control Panel …. User Accounts

Top right of the panel you will see “Create a Password Reset Disk”
Click on this.

You will be prompted to insert a USB Flash Drive ( Memory Stick )

You need to be aware that if anybody gets hold of your memory stick they will be able to reset the password too.

Password Reset Windows 7

There are no decisions to make – simply click “Next

Password Reset Windows 7 - 2

You will need to type in your present password.

If you change this at a later date it doesn’t matter – you will still be able to use this [b][color=blue]Reset “Disk”[/color][/b]

Forgotten Password Wizard

Now just click on “Next” again and the Password Reset Disk will be created.

Create Password Reset Disk

Completing the Forgotten Password Wizard

Don’t forget to label the Memory Stick and keep it in a safe place – and hope you never need it. 🙂 In the future we will be covering more articles about Creating a Password Reset Disk for Windows 8.

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