Find Windows Product Key


Find Windows Product Key – by KenB

The Product Key is a series of 25 letters and numbers that identify your specific Operating System.
They are usually written in 5 blocks of 5.

If your system is running OK the Product Code is seldom needed.
If, however, you need to do a re-install for instance, then you will need the Product Code during the process.
You cannot use somebody else’s Product Code.

The obvious place to look is on the sticker that is on the side of the tower ( if a desktop )
or on the underneath on the base if you have a laptop.

They look like this: ( these are for XP – but Vista and Win7 are similar )

I cannot find windows product key

Sometimes, especially with laptops, the Product Key becomes illegible due to constant wear.
On a home build there may not be a Sticker.

The Home Build installation disk should have come with a Product Key sticker ( not always used )

I cannot find windows product key 2


There are a number of ways of finding the Product Key.

PLEASE NOTE – your system must be operational.

Method 1

Download Speccy from here:
click here

After installing it – it will give you a comprehensive diagnostic of your system.
Under Operating System you will see something like this:

I cannot find windows product key 3

The Serial Number indicates the Product Key

Method 2

Download Magic Jelly Bean from here:
click here

You only need the free version.

When installing if you do not want to install the AVG products as well check the custom install ( see below )

I cannot find windows product key 4

After the installation the software will produce a window with your Product Key information ( see below )

I cannot find windows product key 5

There are other methods but one of the above should locate it for you

If you need more information please ask on the FreePChelp website – click here