Mini ITX Motherboard


Mini ITX Motherboard – written by KenB

This is a very small form factor for a motherboard.
The board itself measures just 170mm x 170mm [ 6.7inches x 6.7 inches ]

The form factor was developed by VIA Technologies in 2001. It is a little smaller than Micro ATX.
The 4 mounting holes are the same pitch as the Micro ATX boards so they are compatible with the cases that are used for ATX boards.
The EPIA 5000 (fanless 533 MHz Eden processor) and EPIA 800 (800 MHz C3) were the first commercially available ITX boards.
The boards are very low power and produce very little noise.

Mini-ITX do not have a standard defined for the PSU ( Power Supply Unit ).
The boards do use a conventional 20(4) way ATX standard connector .
This is usually connected to a DC > DC Converter which is then connected to an external power source.
Some boards have the DC > DC Converter built in.

A Mini ITX motherboard

mini ITX motherboard

If you want smaller there is a Pico-ITX motherboard available.
This measures just 10 × 7.2 cm (3.9 × 2.8 in)

mini ITX motherboard 2

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