Run as Another user


Run as Another User in Win 7 ……. written by KenB

How do I Run As another user in Win 7 ?

XP used to have this facility. Vista doesn’t for some reason.

If you need to use another User’s permissions / privileges on your computer to run an application it is possible with Windows 7.
You may wish to test out your child’s privileges for instance.

To Run as Another User ………..

Hold down the SHIFT key and right click on the Icon of the application.
You will see this:

Run as another user 1

If you don’t hold down the SHIFT key you see this:
(Run as a Different User” is not an Option.)

run as another user 2

Click on “Run as a Different User”

You will then see this box that asks for your User Name and Password.

Run as another user 3


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