How to stop losing passwords with LastPass?


From the makers of xMarks – a famous bookmark add-in – LastPass is one of the best add-ins for your technological devices. I’m sure you’ve already lost passwords and never did complex maneuvers to recover them, but with LastPass that is over! LastPass will give you the one and last password you’ll need to remember ever allowing you to stop losing passwords.

How to stop losing passwords with LastPass

What is actually LastPass?

LastPass uses the power of cloud computing and stores all the data you need and all passwords in a single place.

This will, in turn, help you to quickly auto-fill logins and forms. Imagine you are access several Forums every day – you can’t just keep filling the login all the time. A great solution is Facebook Connect, but not all forums use this magic tool. Your last hope would be your browser who’d save your username and password. But that not always happen. That’s where this new script comes useful:

LastPass will not only store your passwords (if you really want them stored) but can also auto-fill the needed fields and request a the site a login for you. You don’t believe? Watch the video below:

How’s your life after LastPass?

All passwords are saved in a vault that you can access everywhere you go (if you use the premium version). That vault can only be accessed by a password you need to define: The most complex password you can make, the better – this is the last password you’ll need to remember. All your device’s passwords will be saved there and they include the following OS: Windows, Apple, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, HP webOS, iOs, Symbian, Android, Windows Phone and all Blackberry OS’s.

How to install LastPass?

Just visit and Download the Software for the operative systems you need. One account will automatically synchronize all your devices passwords. You may download the free version or get the premium one. Actually the premium account doesn’t add much features but is a way to help this fantastic company to keep improving and develop new user friendly tools. With a Premium account you have the directsupport of a growing community and all your concerns will receive the team’s immediate attention. By chosing this version you’ll have some advanced features, such as:

  • Ability to Access your Data on the go, view, edit and delete sites and notes for all mobile devices. In the free version you’re not able to view or edit data on mobile devices, only to use it.
  • You get Priority Support via E-mail or phone. Your suggestions will be used to develop LastPass.
  • You can use YubiKey as a two-factor authentication with one-time passwords. In other words, the Yubikey is a pendrive that sends a One Time Password just as if it was typed from a keyboard. The pen drive costs 25$ and it similar to the one below:

yubikey white with lastpass

If you’re not yet familiar with YubiKey. Just suppose a user inputs a password that he knows; he then inserts the YubiKey in the USB drive and presses the button where it will generate a One-Time Password! Additionally a username is no longer needed as the OTP itself holds a username identifying the user. LastPass allows YubiKey and that way all your logins are compatible with it. Check the image below:

yubikey + lastpass usage

Is LastPass Secure and safe to use?

There are 2 issues you may be concerned with.

  1. Can the company steal your data?
  2. Can people hack LastPass interface?

The first question answer is No. LastPass is a business and if customer info is not kept private, the business is over. Data is always encrypted but you should also take some caution and not save very sensible data in the LastPass vault, such as Bank Logins. I would be worried in letting someone else see my bank data if I had a billion euros – which is not the case, unfortunately.

The second question answer is Maybe. But it’s a risk you face by being online. [pull_quote_left]LastPass team is very very talented and has a very supportive community who is always correcting possible flaws and improving the product for everyone.

Lastpass Configurations

Installing and Setting up LastPass is a quick job, but there are some interesting features after you install and run Lastpass that we would like to share.

  • If you’ve installed LastPass on your Chrome browser, head-over to the red box in the top right corner with an asterisk. Click there and head to settings, just like the image below, but in english (LastPass language will be the same as the browser’s language):

Change LastPass Settings

In the “General” Menu, you’ll find some settings you may want to look at: you can logoff automatically when all the browsers are closed and Chrome is also closed; you can feature the filling fields and decide wether you want or not Lastpass to automatically fill the login information. You can show sites as groups and define the default filling pattern for forms.

General Settings LastPass

  • If you go to the “Notifications” menu, you can tell the app if it should show the notifications or not, offer password generation and define several other things.

Notifications LastPass

  • In the Shortcuts Area, you can tell the app several short cuts. An interesting shortcut I use is the Alt+G that automatically generates a secure password. Cntrl+Alt+H is also interesting as it allows to open the vault. You could perhaps setup a shortcut to Logoff from Lastpass:

Shortcuts Lastpass

No more comments! Enjoy this awesome app and download it from here. If you’ve enjoyed this article make sure you post a like and share it with your friends.